The enterprise (vineyard and cellars)


The agricultural enterprise of southern Astigiano comprises 3.6 hectares, of which, 1.7 hectares are used for wine production. The remainder is used for the cultivation of hazelnuts, peaches and poplars. The annual wine production is around:


4500 bottles of Barbera

3000 bottles of Brachetto and

2500 bottles of Moscato.


The vineyard has an eco-compatible agricultural policy. The vineyard is situated at a height of 200 metres on a small plateau within the hilly region. The planting density is 5000 vines per hectare. The vines, which have been “Guyot trained”, are 20 years to 40 years old and have been pruned down to between 6 and 8 buds. Selective hand picking of the fully ripened grapes follows the “green gathering”.



The cellars are located centrally to the vineyard, allowing the grapes to travel the shortest distance to the entrapper (stripping of stalks) and to the pneumatic press.








Fermentation, via its natural yeast, is carried out in stainless steel tanks. Clarifying by settling and repeated tapping follows. After 6 to 9 months in the tanks, maturing takes place over a period of at least a year (primarily in small wooden casks, then in glass bottles).


We take technical advice from Dr Aliberti, who is also responsible for the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification of the company.